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CAI Industries is a full service OEM manufacture of new mining machinery of our own designs. Our new machine product offering includes shuttle cars, scoops, diesel battery transport vehicles, diesel tow tractors, long wall AFC components including crawler mounted tailpieces, crushers, stage loaders, head drives, and tail drives. We also offer service buckets for battery powered scoops. In addition to our OEM equipment offering CAI specializes in complete rebuild and modernization of continuous miners, shuttle cars, battery and diesel coal haulers, battery powered scoops, longwall shield haulers, crawler mounted tail pieces, storage loaders, crushers and other AFC components.

CAI Industries staff collectively represents hundreds of years of mining and rebuild experience.

Our two plants are centrally located to the mining industries of the Eastern United States. CAI’s West Frankfort IL. 125,000 sq. ft. facility specializes in building our OEM offerings such as our Diesel Battery Transport Vehicles and Diesel Tow Tractors, as well as our built to order new long wall AFC component offering. The West Frankfort plant also provides complete rebuild and modernization services for continuous miners and other popular room and pillar and longwall machines.

CAI’s Hico WV manufacturing facility produces our full range of Model 4880 OEM battery powered scoops and our Model 2064 line of shuttle cars to meet the needs of the mining industry. We also offer a complete rebuild and modernization program for shuttle cars and scoops including new frame options, and electrical upgrades.

CAI offers six month warranties on new equipment, on staff field service and parts service and support through our sister company Gauley Robertson’s network of field warehouses across the US and around the world.

Sales and after-sales service are handled by representative near you – call toll-free or e-mail us for a no-obligation consultation.

CAl Industries personnel spend much time in the mines and underground in order to engineer, design and build custom equipment to our customer’s exact requirements.

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New Equipment Designed by CAI Industries

CAI 4880 Scoop
55″ Minimum Height
9-1/4″ Ground Clearance

CAI 4880 Low Scoop
40″ Minimum Height
7″ Ground Clearance

Your Best Choice For Underground Battery Powered Scoops
Over 100 Scoops In Service Worldwide

Standard Features




  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Center Section
  • John Deere 1200 & 1400 Series Axles
  • On Demand Diff Lock
  • Halogen Lighting System
  • Pump Motor and Traction Motor Located in Rear Frame
  • Dual Onboard Camera Systems
  • 9’ Bucket Standard, 10’ Offset Bucket Optional




  • Inboard Wet Service Brake
  • Zoned Lubrication System
  • Ground Base Battery Lift System
  • Second Battery Tray
  • 3 Post Adjustable Certified Canopy
  • Operator’s Cage
  • Customer Choice of Electronic Drive
  • AC VFD Electrical System Available

Optional Features

Braden 30,000lb Winch

Quick Detach Forks

Quick Detach Bucket

Service Bucket with JIB Crane

CAI Battery Transport Vehicles 


  • Designed and Manufactured by CAI Industries specifically to haul two 25,000lb Coal Hauler Batteries
  • BTV’s are used throughout the Midwest to increase production in Illinois Basin Room and Pillar Mines
  • Keep your Coal Haulers moving coal instead going after fresh batteries
  • Also available with Duckbill and Winch

CAI Hoss Diesel Tractor


  • Deutz Turbocharged 157hp diesel engine coupled to a Powershift transmission
  • Heavy Duty John Deere 1600 Series Axles provide Superior Braking Power and Load Capacity
  • Four Wheel Drive with Differential Lock
  • Robust Chassis Design featuring a Unique Ball Bearing Center Section that Allows for Easy Replacement of all Parts at the Mine without Onsite Machining
  • Uninhibited Visibility at Front and Rear Due to Mid Engine Machine Configuration
  • Optional Passenger Compartment
  • Hydraulic PTO located near 5th wheel

CAI 2064 Shuttle Car

  • Customer choice of Electronics – Saminco, Cableform, OEM, DC, AC, AC/DC, VFD
  • Available in end-driven or center-driven configuration
  • Operator cockpit is designed for increased driver visibility
  • Operator controls are within easy reach and ergonomic chair is designed to reduce operator fatigue
  • Horsepower levels and reducer gear ratios are built to customer specifications
  • Conveyor widths available 48″, 56″, 59″ & 64″
  • Available body styles 10SC32A, 10SC32B, 10SC32AB, 10SC32AA, 21SCA, 21SCAA
  • Customer’s choice of Chain and Flights
  • Service jacks optional
  • Sideboard heights 6″, 9″ and 12″

CAI Industries also rebuilds a wide range of Conventional and Longwall mining equipment.

Contacts – CAI Industries

Physical Address Illinois Factory: 2736 Ken Gray Boulevard West Frankfort, IL 62896 United States of America Postal Address: Contact Numbers: Phone: (618) 937-4645 Toll-free in USA: (888) 250-1600 Fax: (618) 937-4649 Contacts: President & COO:  Chuck Lilly Vice President of Sales :  Wiley Akers General Manager: Faron Kelley Materials Manager: Larry Whitlock Office Manager: Tonya McKee
Physical Address West Virginia Factory 198 Baughan Road Hico, WV 25854 United States of America Postal Address: PO Box 70 Hico, WV 25854 Contact Numbers: Phone: (304) 658-5201 Toll-free in USA: (800) 365-5600 Fax: (304) 658-4506 Contacts:  President and COO: Chuck Lilly Vice President of Sales :  Wiley Akers Eastern General Manager: Randy Riddle Materials Manager: Larry Whitlock

CAI Industries