Gauley-Robertson Australia

The Baughan Group has been supplying engineering products to Australian markets for over 30 years.

Based in Newcastle and Sydney, Gauley Robertson Australia supplies a range of Australian, South African and American manufactured machines and components for use in underground and surface coal mines.

Several feederbreaker machines manufactured at Baughan factories in South Africa are operating in Australian coal mines. Designs offered are new and refurbished 50” track mounted feederbreakers for full scale mining operations as well as the light and manoeuvrable “Zulu” wheel or track mounted feederbreaker which is ideal for light mining or clean-up operations.

A range of products for continuous miners, shuttle cars and feederbreakers are available from Gauley Robertson Australia. These include:

  • Conveyor chains – 3¼” and 2⅝” flight design, 4.1” pitch, 3½” pitch and 3”/4” pitch
  • Head and tail shafts, take-ups and various flight bars for the above
  • Crawler chains for continuous miners and feederbreakers
  • Other conveyor chains for special applications such as 2½” pitch continuous haulage, 3¼” pitch or 3.075” applications
  • Planetary gearboxes and components
  • Wheel units and components
  • Brake assemblies
  • Torque shafts and spooling devices
  • Wheel unit components
  • Cone drives and components

Gauley-Robertson Australia

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88 Madison Dr, Adamstown Heights NSW 2289, Australia
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Tel: 0418 615 659
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